The New Creation

   "Behold I make all things new."  YHWH is the maker of new realities, of open-ended possibilities, of the coming New Creation of all things.  The good news is that YHWH's New Creation is dawning on everyone and everything in the universe--irrespective of their present status or beliefs.  The "Big Bang" of the New Creation began with the godforsaken death of Jesus on the cross, and became visibly manifested with his resurrection.

  In Jesus, YHWH has become Emmanuel, God with us, so that there will no longer be a place or state of being--even death--where YHWH is not present.  This good news is not only for Christians or 'believers', but for all people and all creatures.  The time of the 'eternal' gospel is at hand, not the parochical gospel of becoming a Christian and segregating oneself in one of the Christian ghettos (churches), but the gospel of the New Creation of YHWH that will become fully revealed at the Parousia (appearing) of Jesus Christ.  The same Jesus who died a godforsaken death with the godless and thus established the justice of YHWH: the God who is just, because he makes all things right--because he saves.

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The Coming of God
Wholly Other
"Where is God Now?"
Animals are "Human" too
Female Biblical Characters
Female Faith
September 11th
A First Look at the Bible: a concise, jargon-free summary for newcomers to the Bible
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